Central Heating System Flush

Central Heating System Flush

Starting Price

£350 for up to 6 Radiators. Each additional radiator charged at £30.

A MagnaCleanse Flush is an essential procedure that removes rust build-up and sludge from your central heating system. A MagnaCleanse unit is made up of 2 large and powerful magnets and hoses which get connected to your heating system, normally where your central heating filter is connected. If you do not currently have a system filter, we highly recommend having one installed so as to continue protecting your system after your MagnaCleanse Flush. We will do this at a slightly discounted rate when its combined with the flushing service.

A chemical cleaner is added to your system, ideally roughly 5 to 7 days before your flush is scheduled for. By adding the chemical a few days before the flush is due, we can maximise the effectiveness of the chemical, which should not be left in the system for more than 7 days.

A MagnaCleanse is not your traditional power flush which sends water at a high velocity throughout the heating system pipes. A MagnaCleanse will use the power of your existing heating system to heat and pump the water and chemicals around your system.

If you have an open vented heating system, this is the older style system where you have a small Feed and Expansion Tank in your loft, some temporary modifications will have to be made to the pipework during the day of the flush and we will require access to your loft space to make these modifications. We will also clean out the Feed and Expansion tank during the process.

At CB7 Oil & Gas, we prefer to use our Adey MagnaCleanse as opposed to a traditional PowerFlush machine due to decrease in water wastage.

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