Unvented Cylinder Service

Unvented Cylinder Service

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Why Does My Cylinder Need A Service?

Manufacturers recommend that you have your hot water cylinder serviced annually to:

  • Ensure efficient performance at all times from your cylinder (and a continuous hot water supply!)
  • Prevent unexpected bills, with early identification of potential concerns, reducing costly breakdown and emergency call outs
  • Minimise the risk of failure  and potential property damage, keeping your home safe

Unvented cylinders have a greater service need due to the water being stored in a sealed, pressurised vessel at high temperatures. Your cylinder should be serviced annually by a qualified engineer and the benchmark log completed to maintain the guarantee on the inner vessel.

What Your Hot Water Cylinder Service Visit Includes

During your service visit, I will:

Inspect your hot water system has been installed in compliance with Building Regulations

Check the flow rates (hot & cold)

Check the temperature of hot water

Inspect joints to the cylinder for leaks

Check for the correct operation of safety relief valves

Thermostat check and set

Clean the inline filter within the inlet control set

Check the pressure charge on the expansion vessel and recharging if required

Update your Service Record